Martin Reynolds



Common Repairs
& Pricing
Acoustic guitars:
Set up $60-80
New bone saddle $75
Reglue bridge $150+
Replace bridge plate $200+
Repair bridge plate $45 - $130
Handcraft new bridge $250+
Reset dovetailed neck $400+
Reset bolt on neck $90+
Cracks $60+ per crack
Pickup install $60+

Electric guitars:
Set up $60-90
Pickup install - solid body $30-60 per pickup
Pickup install - hollow body $90 minimum
I have many pickguard templates and can do custom pickguards.

General Work:
Restring & clean $30
New  bone nut $120+
Fret dress $180+
Full refret $350+
Partial refret $180 + $5 per fret
Pre or Post Purchase Inspection:
Something I get asked to do fairly often is inspect a guitar for a customer prior to purchase. This involves inspecting the guitar inside and out for defects or needed repairs. The fee for this service is $35.00.
Restring & clean $45
New bone nut $135+
Fret dress $200+
Full refret $200 + $5 per fret
Pre or post purchase inspection $45
I do charge for in shop repair or written estimates,  $45 This fee will be deducted from the repair bill if the work is performed.

I don't charge for in shop estimates
but will charge $30 for a written estimate.
All prices are for average repair and labor time and do not include strings/parts, I need to see the instrument to give a firm estimate.
Repairs & consultation by appointment • Call or email: 763.398.9918 •